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SyncTunes 1.0.2 Coming Soon

Version 1.0.2 of SyncTunes was uploaded to the Mac App Store today.  This update includes a number of enhancements to make it faster and easier to sync your music and videos between iTunes libraries on different computers.

The biggest new feature is that SyncTunes now supports syncing videos as well as audio files.  Now you can easily download your movies, TV shows or music videos and keep metadata and play counts in sync on all of your Macs.

The next big improvement comes in the area of performance.  Transferring large files in 1.0.1 could end up taking a surprisingly long time and version 1.0.2 solves this speeding up transfers in some cases by more than 10 times.

Several other issues are resolved in this release:
✦ The mini window can now be minimized to the dock
✦ You can now synchronize tracks that are missing an album or artist name
✦ When play counts differ between the local and remote version, the list will now show both versions (the local version is always listed first in this case)
✦ Fixed a problem where transferred file names could end up with percent escapes in their names
✦ Comparing libraries now happens in the background and is less disruptive.
✦ While transferring large videos is now possible, there may still be performance problems if the file size approaches the amount of memory on the computer (transferring multi gigabyte videos on a Mac with only one or two gigs of RAM could see these slowdowns).  In most circumstances, this should not be a problem.

As soon as the update is approved by Apple, it will be available for a free upgrade to all users.

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